Do you have pain in your back, neck, shoulders? Is it difficult for you to bend over or turn your head and look back? Are you stiff and your mobility is getting worse? Are you exposed to too much stress? Do you lack energy?

By affecting the shortened and stiff muscles, tendons and fascia, Data snehan helps to release tension, to dissolve stiffness, to ease or remove pain and to increase spine and joints mobility.

The treatment is made on the massage table with the use of warm oil and hot stones where needed. Besides massage strokes, this technique uses stretching and yoga postures (asanas). Data snehan may be very deep and intensive, but also gentle – the treatment  follows the agreement with the client. I work on selected body parts (neck, shoulders, arms and hands, lower back, hips, legs and feet, head and face) – usually their combination to be specified before the treatment. I enhance the effect of Data snehan with other techniques such as soft tissue and releasing techniques.

Estimated massage time

Whole back (lower back to neck) 1,5 hour
Neck, shoulders, upper back and arms 1,5 hour
Lower back and legs 1,5 hour
Upper back, neck 1 hour
Lower back 1 hour
Neck, head, face 1 hour
Whole body 3 hours


releases body and mind tension
stretches shortened and stiff muscles
increases spine and joints mobility
relieves pain
removes tiredness
eliminates toxins



skin and contagious diseases
fever, acute dicease
up to 3 hour after heavy meal
digestive problems
vascular diseases
inflammation, hypertension
post-surgery conditions

Choose a massage according to price and time


First Aid

1 hour
CZK 1200

For example
upper back + neck
lower back
neck + head + face



1,5 hour
CZK 1800

For example
whole back (lower back to neck)
neck + shoulders + upper back + arms
lower back + legs



3,5 hour
CZK 3600

whole body –
deep release
from the toes to the head

Cancellation policy

Any cancellation made on the day of the scheduled appointment will be charged the full amount, unless due to an illness.

Michal Strenk

I have been a massage therapist since 2009 when I received my basic training in medical massage therapy at the Stanislav Flandera School of Massage in Prague. I have studied many other massage modalities at the same school, the ayurvedic massage Data snehan being one of them. The unique effects of this massage technique lead me to study ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life and healing, with Dr. Govind Rajpoot, who based the diagnostic a therapeutic technique Data snehan on the original ayurvedic principles, adapting it to our cconditions and lifestyle. Besides massage therapy, I practice hatha yoga and movement as taught by Petr Růžička, the disciple of Ido Portal. I also work as an individual therapist in the Czech Institute of Biosynthesis.


Mgr. Michal Strenk

+ 420 739 476 600

Na Míčánce 32
Praha 6 – Dejvice

How you get there:
– bus No. 131, stop Juliska
(the bus goes either from Hradčanská or Bořislavka Metro stations)
– tram No. 8 nad 18, stop Zelená
(then you can either walk 10 minutes or take bus No. 131 from Zelená to Juliska)
– walk some 15 minutes from Dejvice Metro station